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Whether you are a small start-up or a growing mid-size business, Ervinas™ will help to get you to the next level. Entrepreneurs always shine when doing the thing they love the most – their business. Restaurateurs prepare delicious meals, veterinarians care for our precious pets, personal trainers keep us fit, estheticians help us to look our best, mechanics maintain our cars and plumbers fix our leaky pipes.

Many entrepreneurs need some support when it comes to growing their business, preparing paperwork for a loan or to raise money, or to organize an efficient system. That’s where Ervinas™ Business Strategists shine. They are the experts in strategy development and operational management.

Strategy Development: financial projections, business plans, market analysis, feasibility studies.

Operations Management: consulting, license application assistance, policy and procedure creation and maintenance, training programs development, efficiency optimization, regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Administrative Services: Ervinas™ has an established relationship with The Office Squad® to cover all of your administrative and accounting needs.

What Our Clients Say:

Darlene Purdy

Managing Director

WBA consultants did an amazing job! A real pleasure to work with dedicated and passionate professionals who demonstrate superior customer service.

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We immediately saw the benefit of the platform for our team and the entire company. WBA eased my compliance and training concerns with a cutting-edge platform that truly is the full-package. Refreshing to work with and I would recommend their services and products to all colleagues and associates.

Nancy Price, Esq.

CEO, MO Retail Products Group

The members of the Ervinas team have an incredible ability for making the complex seem simple. They understood my organization’s needs and brought innovative, relevant solutions to enable us to operate in a heavily regulated market.

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Their online platform makes complying with regulatory related requirements very manageable, and their assistance enabled us to establish systems, processes and a training platform designed to make our operations run efficiently. Ervinas was with us through the application process to help us be awarded four licenses in in a highly competitive, if not the most competitive, market in the country. They have been with us through the Approval to Operate phase and now compliance. They are a pleasure to work with and always deliver at an exceptionally high level. I highly recommend the Ervinas team because they bring great value to my enterprise.